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Semi trucks are vital to businesses around the world, so it's important you have a great work truck for your business. You can depend on any of our semi trucks for sale in Chattanooga, TN. Come visit our semi-truck dealership near Cleveland, Murfreesboro, and Nashville, TN to find the right work truck for you!

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What Can Lee-Smith Do For You?

Sometimes you need more hauling and towing power than what a typical truck can provide. Heavy duty trucks are great for both business owners and those drivers who do a lot of hauling for friends or neighbors. So how can a diesel truck help you with your daily tasks? Your local diesel truck dealer is Lee-Smith, Inc, in Chattanooga, TN, and you’ll want to take the following aspects into consideration when shopping for one of these vehicles.

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These vehicles are broken down into several different classes, identified by number. Classes 7 and 8 describe heavy duty trucks with weight limits between 26,000 and 33,000 pounds. Semi-trailers also fall under the “heavy duty” category because of their weights.

Class 8 vehicles can be as heavy as 80,000 pounds, requiring a designation of “oversize load,” which requires these vehicles to have special permits with an established route for safety purposes. Super heavy duty or special duty trucks fall under the Class 9 designation. These vehicles are those big rigs that have special capabilities like off-highway maneuverability for logging.

Whether Or Not To Invest

The average citizen is probably not going to need a heavy duty truck, so investing in one when you don’t need it is a waste of your resources. But if you frequently transport a lot of large or heavy pieces of equipment, a heavy duty truck can be extremely useful.

If you’re an experienced driver, you may be able to find an additional source of income by offering small companies your services as a hauler. You can set your own hours and earn a pretty good living this way!


As a responsible diesel truck owner, it’s important that you follow all the laws around operating these vehicles. Your typical Class C driver’s license isn’t sufficient for driving a heavy duty truck. You’ll need to study up for and earn a Class B license, which adds some more tests and training to the process. Drivers working for companies may have training provided to them at no cost by their superiors, but they may also be required to independently seek out this training themselves to ensure they’re able to legally operate the fleet’s vehicles.